Thank you for your interest in Bold Legend’s Miniature American Shepherds, AKA North American Miniature Australian Shepherds.

 Miniature American Shepherds are a mirror image of the Standard size Australian Shepherds and have all the same traits, characteristics, temperament and colors that were bred and developed from the Standard size Australian Shepherds. The Standard size Australian Shepherds range in size from about 21 to 23 inches at the withers (highest point of the shoulder) although some may be smaller and that is how the Minis were developed. The new Miniature American Shepherd for height at the withers is 18 inches for males and 17 inches for females. Our new “Minis” go back to some very old Standard lines for both show and herding. Some of the old Standard lines were not as big as they are now and some of those individuals were used to “downsize” our modern “Mini” of today.

 All of our dogs here at Bold Legend are the result of a breeding program that has been developed though careful thought and planning with the result that you will have a Mini that has all the qualities and characteristics that make our breed so special and desirable.

 The Miniature American Shepherds are now a recognized AKC breed thus the name change from North American Miniature Australian Shepherds, however, as mentioned above the new “Minis” still have their heritage of the old Standard Australian Shepherds. We are in our beginning stage as an AKC breed and can participate in AKC comformation shows in the Miscellaneous Class until we have gained the status to be able to show in the Regular Conformation Classes. We are also able to participate in other registeries such as ARBA and IBACA and to earn points toward championships.The new “Minis” are a fun loving dog who like ball, Frisbee, hiking, flyball and are also great at herding and agility, and as a general rule, loves to travel, they love human companionship and are lap-sitters!

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